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There is nothing wrong with wearing expensive clothes and wanting to look nice. But implying that only certain races can afford to wear it is a problem. As I was looking at some Polo Ralph Lauren ads for babies I noticed that most of the babies were either white or Asian. ?????? And this was especially noticeable considering what the babies had on. These babies had on preppy, high end clothes. Clothes only the rich could afford to buy. Caucasians and Asians are not the only races that can be high class. This was just straight up bull shit to me because they were basically saying African-Americans and Latinos are less fortunate and inferior to Asians and white people. This was unbelievable to me because I thought we lived in a more diverse world than that. I'm pretty sure African-Americans and Latinos can be just as financially successful as white people and Asians. It's a shame that society sends messages like that and wonder why people think less of blacks and Latinos. It's because of ads like these that portray only white people Asians to be rich and have expensive clothes. It's sad but some baby clothing ads are giving a message that only white people and Asians can be high class by mainly focusing on the clothes they're wearing and the colors.

Now look at this ad. These babies have on high class polo's and are white. First of all, what baby do you know dresses like this??? These are clothes designed for a professional setting and are more than likely expensive. But, because they are Caucasian it's okay for them to dress like this because white people can afford it...right???? NO! The baby on the left has on a fitted long sleeve polo in which the end of the sleeve closer to the baby’s hand comes up longer and is very tight This tells me that it's not just some regular polo that he has on. This polo definitely costed a pretty penny. But this baby is white so he's high class...right??? The baby to the right also has on a more high class style polo. Her shoulders are puffed up and the bottom of the sleeve is also tight around her arms. The creator of this ad really wanted to put an emphasis on white people being high class. Why else would they choose to have the babies wear more or less the same thing???

The colors used in this ad are just so ridiculous. Okay I honestly almost never see babies where dark colors like navy blue and maroon together. Colors like these are normally used in a more formal setting where people wear high end clothes. Because this baby is white, I guess they though it was okay to use these colors for an ad. If you ask me, I think they took it totally out of proportion. I mean, where is this baby anyway??? It may be lights in the background and even those are dark colored. These colors together give that high end, preppy look. Which like I said in the beginning only white people and Asians can be high class. At least that's what these ads are saying.

All races should be equally shown in ads. Because they're not, this can damage the image of other races. It can make them feel unimportant and that society is just trying to keep them down. Blacks and Latinos deserve just as much respect as white people and Asians. I mean, who are they to say blacks can't be high class??? There are plenty of blacks out there that own expensive clothes and live great lifestyles. I don't think it's fair that only white people and Asians are thought to be high class while blacks and Latinos are thought to be the "poor" ones. This stereotype has got to be changed because it's damaging society's way of thinking!! What are YOU going to do about it????

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 Us expert care taker's are good at a lot of things. We know how to be loving, caring and comforting when necessary. We know how to make things better when something is wrong, while playing the role of a friend and a protector.But we also have our downfalls. In my three years of care taking I have had my share of struggles. One of which being a novice care taker of babies.

I didn't just wake up one day knowing what to do, I gained care taking skills over time and got better.I had to learn a lot and I made mistakes along the way. I taught myself a lot too, knowledge that's useful for different situations. When I first babysat, it was harder than i thought it would be. I mean i was only watching a 2-year old baby. How hard could it be?  It was VERY hard. I didn't know what to do at times. I just knew I loved taking care of kids. I learned that when your'e watching children ages 2-7 you have to really WATCH them. You can't take your eyes off them for a second because they get into any and everything. They can put themselves in danger sometimes that's why you have to be very careful. You have to watch them at all times. I also had to teach myself how to adapt to different babies quickly. All babies are not the same. Their likes and dislikes vary. If I was care taking a baby for the first time, I had to learn what they're like quickly so I could make them happy and be a successful care taker.
I soon got the hang of things and before I knew it I was an expert care taker. I knew what to do when something was wrong no question's asked. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect I'm still learning. I just know more than I did before. I'm improving more and more everyday. Being a novice care taker was one of the biggest struggles I ever faced. But it got easier over time. The more learned, the easier it got. Now it's not hard at all. Hell, I could care take with my eyes closed!
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Care taking is not the easiest thing to do in the world, especially when it comes to babies.There are some things you have to learn to be an expert care taker...and then there are things you should already know just from common knowledge. Its not rocket science. That's why I don't understand why people just don't know some of the most obvious things. It's like they don't even consider using common sense. Prime example, I was sitting on the couch one day at home and I started eavesdropping on a conversation my mom and sister was having.

"Is everything okay with Nah'la?" my mom said with a worried look on her face.
"I don't know she's fussy and I have no idea why" my sister said in a puzzled tone.
"Well I know she's not hungry for sure because she just ate not even 30 min. ago" my mom said reassuring my sister.
"I don't know what to do" my sister sounded frustrated.
When I heard my sister say that, that's when I knew it was my time to get up and do something. So I got up to see what the problem was. The first thing I did was check my niece's diaper to see if she was wet. Not only was she wet but she had left us a little present too.

I looked straight at my sister and asked did she check Nah'la's diaper. She said no. ??????? What do you mean "no"?????? Common sense would have told her to check the diaper first. It's not that hard to look inside a diaper. That was just so unbelievably stupid to me. I changed my niece and she stopped crying just like that! It was like magic! After that I turned to my sister and said sarcastically "Oh yeah that was real hard." You use common sense in your everyday life. It doesn't stop when your'e taking of someone. As a matter of fact, that's when you should use it more. You have to use every inch of knowledge you have in your brain when your'e taking care of a person. You never know what could be wrong. That's why you use common sense. Common sense almost never steer's you wrong. Take it from me I should know. I use it all the time!

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Babies are sometimes a mystery. They cry for reasons myself and others may not know. No matter how much you do (change their diaper, feed them, check for a temperature) they still cry. I should know being an expert at taking care of kids and having a baby niece. I go through this ALL the time. Crying, screaming like the wheels of a car spinning out on the asphalt. Its so frustrating when you've done everything you possibly could do and their still not happy. Thats only the doesnt end there.

Babies can also be very messy. You give them food to eat and they do everything but put it in their mouth. They would rather put it on their clothes, in their hair, and throw it. By the time they're done they're as messy as a city dump. My niece in particular does this. She act's as if she's so hungry she could eat a horse but when I actually feed her, she play's with the food. She spits it out, stick her hands in it and rub it on her face, blow's spit bubbles and the list could go on! And dont wait for her to go sleep after she took you through all that. You'll be waiting for an eternity! She plays, giggles, and goof's around after that. It makes you want to pull ALL your hair out! This can be very stressful and frustrating. I was so tired I could sleep for a decade! Things get better though...

Even though my niece take's me through A LOT, at the end of the day I'm glad I have her in my life. It makes me feel warm inside to see her as happy as a kid in a candy store. The thought that I'm partly the reason why she's happy makes my day that much better. Her smile makes me want to jump for joy. My niece is a handful and I'm no spring chicken (with school taking up most of my time) but I'm glad I could be there for her when she need's me. It gives me a sense of importance. My niece is irritating, stubborn, and hard to deal with at times...but she stole my heart and I love her!
Take a look at the video below. It gives you a good idea of what I have to go through at times...


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On Tuesday June 5th, 2012 at 12:56 p.m. something wonderful happened. A little 7 lbs., 6 oz. girl by the name of Nah'la Kimora was born and changed my life forever. My joy, my love, my niece expanded my heart and brought my sister and I closer. The day I stepped foot into the delivery room at St. Mary Hospital, I instantly melted. I suddenly felt warm and fuzzy inside as I looked at my newborn niece... all 19 centimeters of her. I felt like there was no war, poverty, or violence in the world and for those moments I glanced at her, the world was a utopia. This was like a new beginning for me.

As you probably have figured by now, my most important memory of being an expert aunt was when my niece was first born. I didn't actually see her come out but I was there 2 seconds after she came. I was sitting in the delivery room with my sister and I was holding my niece. My sister had went to sleep and my niece (Nah'la) was starting to doze off. She was sleep for a little while until she woke up and started to cry!  I didn't know what to do and I panicked. I mean I was an expert at taking care of kids but not freshly new born babies. Anything could be wrong. At first I started to wake my sister up but I didn't. I trusted my caretaking skills. When I checked my niece's diaper I seen that she had pooped. So I changed her and she went back to sleep. That meant a lot to me because I changed her first diaper ever! Her first diaper into the world I changed it. Not grandma, not mother, but aunt! And I brushed her hair first too. I held her for a little while as she was sleeping and then I gently placed her in my sister's arms so they could do some bonding. Of course by that time my sister had woken up (what kind of aunt do you think I am? putting her niece in a sleeping person's arms!).

These are memories that I will never forget and since I was the first one to do these things, it makes it that much more special to me. Memories like that only happen once so I cherish them close to my heart. I also like to rub it in my mom's and my sister's face that I was the first one to do those things. Aside from the bragging rights, I love the fact that I have those memories with my niece. She may not remember them but I do. So when she get's older I can share those memories with her and maybe she'll cherish them as much as I do.

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Taking care of kids doesnt float everybody's boat. Heck, some people may say they dont like kids. But I love taking care of kids! It makes me so happy and brings me my greatest joy. I enjoy being an aunt and having someone that depends on me for tender love and care sometimes. Being an aunt is like an adventure to me. My niece always does the unexpected.
Taking care of kids makes me happy because I enjoy a child's company. My niece makes me laugh all the time. In the afternoon, when she's fed and changed she seem's to think its play time! She laughs and kick her little legs around. She makes spit bubbles and talk's baby language. I especially enjoy her company at around 4 a.m. My sister would feed her and  go back to sleep but not my niece! She remain's wide awake bright eyed and bushy tailed playing and ready to go! Its the funniest thing to see. My sister's mouth is wide open while Nah'la (my niece) is trying to play with her completely ignoring the fact that her mom is sleeping.

The only thing that makes me sad about being an aunt is having to leave my niece. Im a college student so I cant see my niece as much as I would like to. My sister send's me pictures of her but sometimes thats not enough. Im an expert at taking care of kids so I want to be there with her doing things for her. It makes my job a little harder but I do what I can.
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Hello Everyone. Today I'm going to talk to you about being an expert at taking care of kids. I started when I was 16 and I've loved it ever since. I was a natural. I began babysitting for a couple that lived next door to me. They had a little girl named Kiana. She was 1-years old when I started babysitting her and she was a handful! But after a while I got use to her. I knew what she did and didnt like, things that irritated her, her feeding times, bath times and I really enjoyed her company. The couple really liked how good I took care of their daughter that they never let anyone else babysit her.I babysat for them for a year until I moved.Now that I’m an aunt I take all those skills I have from babysitting and apply them to my niece. When my sister is tired and can’t tend to my niece, that’s where I come in. I know exactly what to do when she’s crying or irritable.I know when she’s crying because she’s hungry or when she’s just sleepy. That brings me to the subject of daycare centers. I know some really good daycare centers for all of you that have kids or have friends that may have children. One good one is Angel Wings Daycare located in Chicago. Their prices are very affordable and they make sure your child is in good hands. I know this because I have had to take my cousins to that daycare while my aunt was working. I picked them up sometimes too when my aunt works overtime. They would always tell me about how much fun they had. I interned there for a little while too during my senior year in high school. My experiences with taking care of kids make me a good aunt. It makes my job a lot easier too!


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