Oct. 4th, 2012

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Babies are sometimes a mystery. They cry for reasons myself and others may not know. No matter how much you do (change their diaper, feed them, check for a temperature) they still cry. I should know being an expert at taking care of kids and having a baby niece. I go through this ALL the time. Crying, screaming like the wheels of a car spinning out on the asphalt. Its so frustrating when you've done everything you possibly could do and their still not happy. Thats only the beginning...it doesnt end there.

Babies can also be very messy. You give them food to eat and they do everything but put it in their mouth. They would rather put it on their clothes, in their hair, and throw it. By the time they're done they're as messy as a city dump. My niece in particular does this. She act's as if she's so hungry she could eat a horse but when I actually feed her, she play's with the food. She spits it out, stick her hands in it and rub it on her face, blow's spit bubbles and the list could go on! And dont wait for her to go sleep after she took you through all that. You'll be waiting for an eternity! She plays, giggles, and goof's around after that. It makes you want to pull ALL your hair out! This can be very stressful and frustrating. I was so tired I could sleep for a decade! Things get better though...

Even though my niece take's me through A LOT, at the end of the day I'm glad I have her in my life. It makes me feel warm inside to see her as happy as a kid in a candy store. The thought that I'm partly the reason why she's happy makes my day that much better. Her smile makes me want to jump for joy. My niece is a handful and I'm no spring chicken (with school taking up most of my time) but I'm glad I could be there for her when she need's me. It gives me a sense of importance. My niece is irritating, stubborn, and hard to deal with at times...but she stole my heart and I love her!
Take a look at the video below. It gives you a good idea of what I have to go through at times...



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