Sep. 17th, 2012

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On Tuesday June 5th, 2012 at 12:56 p.m. something wonderful happened. A little 7 lbs., 6 oz. girl by the name of Nah'la Kimora was born and changed my life forever. My joy, my love, my niece expanded my heart and brought my sister and I closer. The day I stepped foot into the delivery room at St. Mary Hospital, I instantly melted. I suddenly felt warm and fuzzy inside as I looked at my newborn niece... all 19 centimeters of her. I felt like there was no war, poverty, or violence in the world and for those moments I glanced at her, the world was a utopia. This was like a new beginning for me.

As you probably have figured by now, my most important memory of being an expert aunt was when my niece was first born. I didn't actually see her come out but I was there 2 seconds after she came. I was sitting in the delivery room with my sister and I was holding my niece. My sister had went to sleep and my niece (Nah'la) was starting to doze off. She was sleep for a little while until she woke up and started to cry!  I didn't know what to do and I panicked. I mean I was an expert at taking care of kids but not freshly new born babies. Anything could be wrong. At first I started to wake my sister up but I didn't. I trusted my caretaking skills. When I checked my niece's diaper I seen that she had pooped. So I changed her and she went back to sleep. That meant a lot to me because I changed her first diaper ever! Her first diaper into the world I changed it. Not grandma, not mother, but aunt! And I brushed her hair first too. I held her for a little while as she was sleeping and then I gently placed her in my sister's arms so they could do some bonding. Of course by that time my sister had woken up (what kind of aunt do you think I am? putting her niece in a sleeping person's arms!).

These are memories that I will never forget and since I was the first one to do these things, it makes it that much more special to me. Memories like that only happen once so I cherish them close to my heart. I also like to rub it in my mom's and my sister's face that I was the first one to do those things. Aside from the bragging rights, I love the fact that I have those memories with my niece. She may not remember them but I do. So when she get's older I can share those memories with her and maybe she'll cherish them as much as I do.


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