Sep. 13th, 2012

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Taking care of kids doesnt float everybody's boat. Heck, some people may say they dont like kids. But I love taking care of kids! It makes me so happy and brings me my greatest joy. I enjoy being an aunt and having someone that depends on me for tender love and care sometimes. Being an aunt is like an adventure to me. My niece always does the unexpected.
Taking care of kids makes me happy because I enjoy a child's company. My niece makes me laugh all the time. In the afternoon, when she's fed and changed she seem's to think its play time! She laughs and kick her little legs around. She makes spit bubbles and talk's baby language. I especially enjoy her company at around 4 a.m. My sister would feed her and  go back to sleep but not my niece! She remain's wide awake bright eyed and bushy tailed playing and ready to go! Its the funniest thing to see. My sister's mouth is wide open while Nah'la (my niece) is trying to play with her completely ignoring the fact that her mom is sleeping.

The only thing that makes me sad about being an aunt is having to leave my niece. Im a college student so I cant see my niece as much as I would like to. My sister send's me pictures of her but sometimes thats not enough. Im an expert at taking care of kids so I want to be there with her doing things for her. It makes my job a little harder but I do what I can.


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