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There is nothing wrong with wearing expensive clothes and wanting to look nice. But implying that only certain races can afford to wear it is a problem. As I was looking at some Polo Ralph Lauren ads for babies I noticed that most of the babies were either white or Asian. ?????? And this was especially noticeable considering what the babies had on. These babies had on preppy, high end clothes. Clothes only the rich could afford to buy. Caucasians and Asians are not the only races that can be high class. This was just straight up bull shit to me because they were basically saying African-Americans and Latinos are less fortunate and inferior to Asians and white people. This was unbelievable to me because I thought we lived in a more diverse world than that. I'm pretty sure African-Americans and Latinos can be just as financially successful as white people and Asians. It's a shame that society sends messages like that and wonder why people think less of blacks and Latinos. It's because of ads like these that portray only white people Asians to be rich and have expensive clothes. It's sad but some baby clothing ads are giving a message that only white people and Asians can be high class by mainly focusing on the clothes they're wearing and the colors.

Now look at this ad. These babies have on high class polo's and are white. First of all, what baby do you know dresses like this??? These are clothes designed for a professional setting and are more than likely expensive. But, because they are Caucasian it's okay for them to dress like this because white people can afford it...right???? NO! The baby on the left has on a fitted long sleeve polo in which the end of the sleeve closer to the baby’s hand comes up longer and is very tight This tells me that it's not just some regular polo that he has on. This polo definitely costed a pretty penny. But this baby is white so he's high class...right??? The baby to the right also has on a more high class style polo. Her shoulders are puffed up and the bottom of the sleeve is also tight around her arms. The creator of this ad really wanted to put an emphasis on white people being high class. Why else would they choose to have the babies wear more or less the same thing???

The colors used in this ad are just so ridiculous. Okay I honestly almost never see babies where dark colors like navy blue and maroon together. Colors like these are normally used in a more formal setting where people wear high end clothes. Because this baby is white, I guess they though it was okay to use these colors for an ad. If you ask me, I think they took it totally out of proportion. I mean, where is this baby anyway??? It may be lights in the background and even those are dark colored. These colors together give that high end, preppy look. Which like I said in the beginning only white people and Asians can be high class. At least that's what these ads are saying.

All races should be equally shown in ads. Because they're not, this can damage the image of other races. It can make them feel unimportant and that society is just trying to keep them down. Blacks and Latinos deserve just as much respect as white people and Asians. I mean, who are they to say blacks can't be high class??? There are plenty of blacks out there that own expensive clothes and live great lifestyles. I don't think it's fair that only white people and Asians are thought to be high class while blacks and Latinos are thought to be the "poor" ones. This stereotype has got to be changed because it's damaging society's way of thinking!! What are YOU going to do about it????


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